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Applus awarded EDF Energy Supplier Innovation Award


The 2016 EDF Energy Generation Performance and Innovation Awards were held on 24th May 2016. A grand total of 20 different award categories were divided up across the Generation business celebrating excellent performance and inspired innovation.

Applus RTD, supported at the event by Mark Drew, were awarded the Supplier Innovation Award for the implementation of a flexible, permanently installed ultrasonic probe which allows for continuousmonitoring of complex corrosion processes and changes in wall thickness. 'Plantmaster Permanent Monitoring' sensors are attached to a portable hardware device that can be accessed remotely through a wireless network or through an Ethernet cable which allows for continuous updates on plant status.This monitoring system allows for shorter intervals between inspections, lower costs per inspection, and no need of special arrangements or materials to have access to the inspected structures (eg. placing scaffolding/removing insulation).


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