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Applus is a leading UK non-destructive testing company and is accredited as a Type ‘A’ inspection body by UKAS in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020.
We provide teams of qualified and experienced NDT technicians, who are normally integrated with clients at their site locations (e.g. offshore platforms, marine vessels, onshore power stations, refineries, pipelines and industrial, aviation or engineering complexes) to check for corrosion, cracks and other wear or damage to their plant, infrastructure and equipment.
Applus also has a network of 8 inspection and radiographic testing facilities around the UK which are able to receive and undertake inspection of a wide range of fabricated items such as castings, forgings, spool pieces, vessels and flanges.
The main conventional NDT techniques involve us using ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, photographic and visual inspection , magnetic particle inspection or dye penetrant testing technology.
Visual Inspection
This is probably the most basic and common inspection method.Tools include fiberscopes, borescopes, magnifying glasses mirrors and cameras. Portable video inspection unit with zoom allows inspection of large vessels, ducting, towers, and pipelines. Robotic crawlers permit inspection in difficult to access locations.
Dye Penetrant Testing
Dye penetrant testing is a long established “surface method” for detecting cracks in stainless and carbon steel.
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Magnetic Particle Inspection testing is another established “surface method” for detecting cracks in carbon steel.
Eddy Current
Eddy Current is a method of Weld Inspection which can be carried out on painted objects/welds and which highlights surface breaking defects.
Radiographic Testing
X-ray or Gamma Ray is used in conventional radiography of components or welds as a means of detecting volumetric defects.
Ultrasonic Testing
UT Inspection is used for wall thickness measurement, welds inspection and detects volumetric defects

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